How to Make More Phone Calls in Less Time

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How to Make More Phone Calls in Less Time

Encourager-In-Chief: August 3rd, 2016

Make your phone calls in blocks.

Years ago, I worked as a recruiter for the printing industry. The job required me to make numerous phone calls to present candidates for jobs in order for me to hit my sales goals. If you’re making cold calls in order to sell your services, I encourage you to practice this simple strategy: Start making your cold calls in blocks.

Let’s say you are a recruiter. Commit to making 10 calls in a row without taking a break. If people are asking you to email a resume, just make a note to send the resume and continue making the rest of your 10 phone calls. Do not stop and send the resume until all 10 calls have been made.

Once you get to the end of your calling block, go back and follow through on everything you said you would do. If that means emailing resumes, calling candidates to let them know about interested parties, or confirming what times your candidates are available for interviewing, do that after you make all of the calls in that block.

We’re not done! If you’re serious about sales, you’re going to be making more than one block of calls in a day. After you make the initial 10 calls and complete all the follow-up work that resulted from your calls, get back on the phone and make your next block of calls. As my good friend and client, Lou Leyes of Stages Planning Group, LLC, would say, “Rinse, lather, and repeat!”

Action without planning is the cause of every failure.
- Brian Tracy

This excerpt is taken from my Sales Academy.

How to Make More Phone Calls in Less Time

How to Make More Phone Calls in Less Time


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