Should I Accept Credit Cards?

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Should I Accept Credit Cards?

Encourager-In-Chief: May 4th, 2016

Provide convenience by accepting credit cards.

I once read if you do not accept credit cards from your customers, then you are only pretending to be in business. That’s not entirely true. It depends on how frequently you are using them, but today there so many different methods for you to accept credit cards. Obviously, the fewer times you use it, the greater transaction charges you will pay, but let me give you some good reasons to consider accepting credit cards.

First, it is an extremely convenient way to get customers to buy from you. I keep my clients credit card information securely on file. Frequently when I’m speaking with them on the phone, they are driving. They never have to stop and pull over to give me the credit card information as long as it still current, which in most cases for 2 to 3 years. I just let them know that I will take care of all the details, and they don’t have to give it a second thought. I can’t tell you how many customers I get to sign up on the spot because they know all they have to do is say, “Sign me up”.

Second, it greatly increases your odds the customer will buy from you and you will get paid. When I first started accepting credit cards, I thought people would cancel when I asked for their credit card information. Instead, they gave it to me! As a result, my company went three years without losing one payment for seminars from customers using credit cards.

If a customer says, “Can I send you a check,” it’s usually because they don’t have enough money to cover the credit card charge. When they tell you this, ask if you can run their credit card instead at an agreed-upon later date instead of running it right away. Many customers will say, “Yes.” You’ll get paid, and they won’t have to lift a finger or remember anything to sign up for your services.

When a customer gives you his credit card information, it is an act of trust. Do everything you can to be worthy of it.
- Dave Romeo

This excerpt is taken from my 12 Easy Ways to Improve Any Business seminar.

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