3 More Easy Ways To Get Started With Goal Setting

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3 More Easy Ways To Get Started With Goal Setting

Encourager-In-Chief: March 30th, 2016

Goal Setting 101 (Part 2)

Building off of last week’s lesson, here are three more easy ways to make goal setting pay off for you.

Step 4: Track your progress. Even if you are already writing down your goals, that step alone is not enough to achieve your outcome. If you have a big goal, track your progress. If you want to lose 25 pounds, take a bunch of hand weights that equal 25 pounds. For every pound you lose, take the equivalent amount of hand weights and put them in a pile. Be sure to pick up all of the hand weights that represent how much you’ve lost so you can feel exactly how much you’ve already accomplished. You could also use this method if you want to reduce credit card debt. Make a chart someplace of how much you owe and keep crossing out the larger amount and replacing it with the smaller amount as you make progress on your goal.

Step 5: Use tick marks. Some goals are just too big to track on a goal list. For example, I send out 300 thank you cards in a year. It’s hard to squeeze in that many tick marks on my goal sheet. I transfer that goal to the back of my goal sheet so I can make a tick mark for every thank you card I send out. I also do 300,000 stomach crunches in a year. For a goal that big, I write a tick mark for every thousand stomach crunches I complete. Again, this information is stored on the back of my goal sheet under the category of stomach crunches.

Step 6: Make your goals public. Unless it’s something really embarrassing or personal, share your goals with other people who know you’re working towards them. Having other people know that you said you’re going to lose 25 pounds will create additional incentive and momentum for you to stay committed to your goal.

By the mile, it’s a trial. By the yard, it’s hard, but by the inch, everything’s a cinch.
- Brian Tracy

This excerpt is taken from my Designing Your Destiny seminar.

Designing Your Destiny


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