The single biggest factor holding back your success?

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The single biggest factor holding back your success?

Encourager-In-Chief: November 4th, 2015

The single biggest factor holding back your success: Cut out all your lame excuses!

Sometimes I just want to scream when I listen to people make such ridiculous lame excuses about why they are not successful. When I worked as a printing industry recruiter, I can still remember somebody turning down a job because he said he had to take his dog to the beauty parlor on that same day. The reality is that some people want to be successful, while other people merely wish for it.

I remember a salesperson saying to me once that he wanted to make $1 million in sales so he could afford to stay home and watch his children grow. Within 30 days of hearing that comment, my fishing partner, who was 30 years old, quit his job with the largest employer on Long Island because he said he had a bad back. His bad back never stopped him from putting his small john boat on his car anytime I was going to meet him at his house so we could go fishing together. His comment was, “I wish a relative of mine would die and leave me $1 million so I could go fishing every day.”

Some people defeat themselves before they ever even get started. Brian Tracy said it best: “The average number of attempts a person makes before giving up on his or her goal is less than one.” I’m describing the guy who’s bragging about getting into shape as a New Year’s resolution on New Year’s Eve. He’ll say that he’s going to get up at 5 AM on January 2 and start working out. The reality is he’s more likely to hear the alarm go off, hit the snooze button, and go back to sleep. Most people would rather sleep than accomplish their dreams.

If I’m describing you, this is your wake-up call! Stop making lame excuses and start making some progress on your goals. Nobody said it’s going to be easy, but don’t mistake the difficult for the impossible. Be willing to make sacrifices in order to receive your positive results. You can make excuses or you can make commitments, but you can’t make them both at the same time.

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