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Being Criticized? Consider The Source.

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Try not to take to take things personally.

Let’s face it, whether you own a business or work in somebody else’s business, at some point, you’re probably going to be criticized for your work. Recently, one of my clients mentioned how he had been told three different times by three different people that they didn’t like his outgoing voicemail message. Keep in mind that he did not ask for their input but, because three different people gave it to him, he said he started to get a complex.

We have to allow… Read More

Are You A Quitter Or A Committer?

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How serious are you about your success?

I woke up to find an inch of snow on the ground. I was so pumped! I was going to debut my brand-new seminar “Simplify Your Systems” that same day. I went outside to start my snowblower which I had already tested the day before without a problem. It worked for 10 seconds and would not start again. I grabbed my trusty snow shovel only to find out that it was worn out. It cracked after just a few minutes of use. Maybe it wasn’t so trusty after all.

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Counting Down The 10 Biggest Credibility Mistakes – #1

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#1: Signing up for an event and not showing up.

Whenever I go to a Chamber of Commerce mixer, the first thing I do is go to the sign-in table to let somebody know I’m there. The next thing I do is scan all of the nametags to see who else is registered for this event. I can’t tell you how many times I see the name of somebody I want to speak with who turns out not to be present at the mixer.

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Counting Down The 10 Biggest Credibility Mistakes – #2

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#2: You make an appointment and don’t show up.

Have you ever noticed how your dentist always sends you a reminder postcard or makes a follow-up reminder call when you are scheduled for an appointment? That’s because dental practices and doctors offices understand that their entire business is dependent on being able to bill patients when they show up for their appointments. Missed appointments translate directly into losses for covering the cost of insurance, equipment, utilities, and payroll for the entire staff. That’s why these professionals go out of their way to make sure you’re going to show up.

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