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Remember When You Had “Customers for Life”?

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Customer retention does NOT have to be costly.

Today’s blog is written by my guest speaker, Karen Saxe.  Karen will be presenting her seminar, “Building No-Cost And Low-Cost Customer Retention”, on February 28, 2019 at the Comfort Suites in Manheim.

There was a time, in what seems like the distant past, when consumer loyalty meant something.  You had the same barber until he retired…  Read More

Face Your Fears: Climb The Wall

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Break down your barriers.

My wife and I were recently watching a Hallmark movie that centered around Navy seal training. A romance writer who was doing research for her book wanted to experience basic seal training. She kept getting stuck when coming to a 13-foot wall which she was supposed to scale using a rope. Eventually, she’s able to scale it with the help of her seal team. Later in the movie, she gets stuck at another point in life and her seal team members tell her… Read More

Love What You Sell. Sell What You Love.

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Is this what’s holding you back?

I was recently speaking with one of my entrepreneurial protégés in Utah who has been running her business for quite some time. An issue came up when she needed to invest further money in her business in order to grow it. Her husband was concerned about putting more money into her business because her sales were low.

At that moment, I knew exactly… Read More

Never Say Never!

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Persistence pays off.

Recently, I was selling sponsorship opportunities for my television series Focused on Success with Dave Romeo. This is a very time-consuming process because most of the small businesses I call have never advertised on television before. There are a lot of unknowns, so they are hesitant, and it usually requires multiple phone calls in order to finally close a sale. I want to encourage you not to give up too quickly.

One of my clients introduced me to a young woman who had just started her own… Read More

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