There are so many resources from which to choose, but not all of them are as good as they sound.  To help you make better selections, I want to showcase some of the best resources I know.  I consider them all masterpieces.  These are book or items that I have personally read or experienced, so rest assured I stand behind my recommendations.  Some may be familiar to you, but do not overlook the lesser known ones because they are worth their weight in gold and will give you a distinct advantage over your competition.

Best Personal and Professional Growth Books:

From the Trash Man to the Cash Man – Myron Golden

How to Become a Rainmaker – Jeffrey J. Fox

Failing Forward – John Maxwell

Unlimited Power – Anthony Robbins

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Bass Fishing:

Dave Romeo is a Bass Fishing Guinness World Record Holder.  Interested in what Bass Fishing Lures he uses?  Follow this link to learn about Dave Romeo’s Top 5 Best Bass Fishing Lures.

Goal Setting:

If you are not achieving your goals, and you don't know why, here's a big step forward!  Download my free Electronic Goal List!