Dave Romeos Top 5 Favorite Bass Lures

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What lures will catch the most bass

All serious bass anglers want to know what lures will catch the most bass. This is a pretty easy question for me. Having caught recorded and released more than 25,000 largemouth and smallmouth bass, the results don’t lie. For your convenience here are my Top 5 All-Time best bass producing lures in order of their effectiveness.*

Top 5 All-Time best bass producing lures

1. Gene Larew 4” Salty Ring Tail Plastic Worm First Choice

Black/Silver with Chartreuse Tail Second Choice: Blue/Black with Blue Tail Third Choice: Salt & Pepper

2. Lunker City Fleck 1/8 ounce Spinner Bait First Choice

Chartreuse with Tandem Nickel Blades Second Choice: Chartreuse with Willow Leaf Blades Third Choice: White with Willow Leaf Blades

3. Charlie Brewer’s Slider Originals 4” Plastic Worm First Choice

Motor Oil Metal Flake with Fluorescent Orange Tail

4. Heddon Tiny Crazy Crawler

First Choice: Grey Mouse Finish 1/4 ounce, Second Choice: Bullfrog Finish 1/4 ounce

5. Panther Martin 1/8 ounce In-line Spinner

First Choice: Black Lightning Finish, Second Choice: Fire Tiger Finish, Third Choice: Black/Chartreuse Finish

*Beware of The Romeo Curse: Just I assure that these lures are fantastic, I can also assure you that if I like a lure, it becomes almost impossible to find. Indeed it may take you less time to catch bass with these lures than it takes to track down these lures. However, I assure, the results will surely justify the scavenger hunt to find these incredibly productive bass lures. I wish you much success and look forward to hearing of your bass fishing exploits.