Dave Romeo is a proven personal results coach and a dynamic national presenter in the areas of sales, leadership, personal growth, customer satisfaction, and goal setting.

Dave Romeo as an Author

I consider writing a privilege. To enter into the private sanctuary of someone’s home for the purpose of entertaining, enlightening, and inspiring that person’s life is one of the greatest honors I’ve ever enjoyed.

When I write, I try to connect with the reader. Often, people say to me, “When I’m reading your books, I can almost hear the words coming out of your mouth as if you are sitting right next to me.” This is not by accident. I want people to be immersed in my books and identify with the stories and the lessons.

A great deal of care goes into every single book I author. I encourage you to treat yourself, explore my books, and fall in love with reading.

For your enjoyment

I have added a few short pages that have some information you may find in some of my Books, DVDs and Audio CDs. From my Audio CDs, Sales Mastery and Goal Setting Mastery. From my Spiritual Growth Books, Birth of a Chapel. And from my Personal Growth Books, Nice Guys Finish First, Designing Your Destiny and Stumbling Onto Success.

Let's Talk!

Over the years, I’ve been disappointed that most of the authors to whom I’ve written never wrote back. Whether they never received my correspondence, or simply chose not to reply, I do not know. However, I enjoy hearing from my readers and invite your feedback. If I receive a message from you, I will be happy to respond. My e-mail address is listed below for your convenience, but I also welcome your phone calls, too. The number is (717) 413-7472.

Special Note: Several of my books and audio programs include FREE electronic bonus material. My email address has changed since some of these offers were originally published in the books or on the CD and DVD covers. However, the bonus material is still available to you. Just e-mail me at my current e-mail address which is and I will be happy to make sure you get the FREE bonus material.